Travel Vaccines

Traveling to exciting new places and seeing unforgettable sights can make you feel wonderfully alive. It can also expose you to serious diseases that may ruin your trip and threaten your health.

We can provide the travel advice and immunizations you need to make your trip both memorable and safe.

We reccomend that you call us four to six weeks before your departure.  For more information or to make an appointment contact Geri Rodda, RN, Community Health Coordinator at 860-354-2216 or

The New Milford VNA is an authorized Yellow Fever vaccination center.

Top Ten Travel Tips:

  1. Get advice from a travel health professional.
  2. Let you body adjust once you arrive.
  3. Protect yourself from disease-bearing insects.
  4. Never go barefoot…even on the beach.
  5. Make sure your water is purified.
  6. Consume only well-cooked food.
  7. Fruit and veggies? Wash it, peel it, or forget it!
  8. Prefilled your prescriptions, as they may not be available at your destination.
  9. Don’t swim in rivers, lakes or streams.
  10. Choose means of transportation carefully.
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